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Fitting Instructions

IMPORTANT: These tips are only guidelines, we do not encourage fitting graphics yourself, for a cheap cost we can fit all of your graphics, if you have any concerns or worries, please don’t hesitate to get us to help you out. If you make a mistake fitting your graphics, we are not liable for them, so please make sure you take your time when applying them. Clean all plastics/surfaces with a clean rag with preferably prep sol or methylated spirits to remove all residues.

Also make sure your hands are clean of dirt and oil. Fitting your graphics comes down to preference, some people like to fit their stickers whilst the plastics are on the bike, others prefer them off, find what works best for you! Make sure you are in a warm tempered room and that you do not pre-heat your graphics with a heating gun or hair drier, doing so may stretch out your graphics leaving unsightly bubbles and separations in the material. Before you go peeling off your backing paper, inspect your graphics and see where they are supposed to line up on your plastics, having a good idea of where they need to fold and crease gives you a better chance of getting this done in one take without bubbles. Take your time when putting on your graphics, peel off small sections of the backing paper and work your way across the plastics slowly, the best place to usually start fitting is at the bottom corner or top corner. Using your thumb as a pressure point, press the corner of your graphics down firmly and run your thumb along the exposed part of the sticker. Once you have the corner stuck down, you can now remove the backing paper and line up the opposing end of the sticker to the guard. Do not stick it down just yet, make sure you are lined up and have sufficient sticker to reach the end of the guard. Using your thumb, run back and forth slowly pressing down on the sticker proceeding along the plastic. This is where you need to be patient, going too quick may cause bubbles. If there is a crease in the guard, make sure you run from the closest edge of the crease and work your way away through it slowly, you need to make sure the graphics bite down in these creases as these are very prone places for your graphics to lift. Continue to make your way along the guard, make sure all bolt holes and edges are lining up as you proceed, if you make a mistake, it’s honestly not the end of the world. To lift your graphics back up in small areas without destroying them, you need to grab the edge and lift quickly with force, this allows the graphics to snap away from the guard instead of peeling. If you are uncomfortable with this step, please stop and contact us to get your graphics fitted professionally.

Our stickers are designed to fit, but sometimes they may be a little bit out, so it is up to you to get a Stanley knife and trim away at any edges or areas that the graphics are over hanging, doing so will help stop the graphics from lifting on the edges. Once your stickers are on, it is now okay to give your guards a small amount of heat on any creases or edges that you feel may need so, 10-15 seconds is plenty! This allows the adhesive to bond better to the plastics and result in longer lasting graphics. Do not over-heat your graphics or all of your hard work will go to waste! The process of the adhesive bonding is a long one, the longer you give the guards to rest, the better they will grip, we advise that you do not wash or ride your bike for at least 48 hours after fitting your graphics.